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In the plumbing sector, ball valves are a very popular device. They can stop the flow of water via the line. Metal Ball Valves are made of two different sorts of materials. Stainless steel and brass. Stainless Steel Ball Valves are becoming increasingly common as stainless fittings become more prevalent in non-industrial uses.

In the USA alone, the number of stainless steel ball valves made in the USA are numerous. To ensure that you get the best in the industry, this article will give you a rundown of the 8 best stainless steel ball valve manufacturers based in the USA. Check your best options.


SIO Logo

The headquarters of SIO is in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Since its beginning in 2009, the company has established itself as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel ball valves. It employs 71 employees who work tirelessly to maximize output and guarantee that no detail is overlooked.

They’ve expanded their product portfolio over time, allowing them to export internationally, even to the USA, where they have a large market cap. As a privately held firm, SIO assures that all operations are of the highest grade, are dependable, and have the least negative impact on the environment due to minimum pollutants.


Flowserve Logo

Source: www.flowserve.com

Flowserve dates back to 1790 when it was started in its initial establishment in Great Britain. Today, Flowserve has more than 300+ locations located across 50 countries worldwide, including the USA.

Flowserve has a rich history spanning over two centuries, allowing them to be a go-to resource for tackling the most difficult problems in a variety of sectors. Their products are built to be as safe and reliable as possible, allowing you to reduce unscheduled downtime while keeping workers and the general public safe.


Parker Logo

Source: www.parker.com

Established in 1971 in its current location Huntsville, Alabama, USA, and the use of the ‘Winovation’ development-to-manufacturing strategy underpins Parker’s instrumentation goods brand. This establishes the basis and approach for designing process instrumentation systems and engineering solutions that give differentiated values to users.

They’ve dedicated themselves to technical excellence by creating truly unique process control products that are safer for people and the environment to install, use, and produce. Security, dependability, and authenticities are important selection criteria for them and many of their clients. The term “safe choice” refers to the fact that they build instrumentation products and services with safety in mind.


Emerson Logo

Source: www.emerson.com

Emerson was formed in 1890 and is currently located in St Louis, Missouri, USA. Emerson has a long history of overcoming the most difficult problems that modern life has to offer as a worldwide inventor. To produce sustainable solutions for the critical consumers they serve, they combine advanced techniques, industry-leading competence, and an inquisitive nature about the world around them.

They are unwavering in their commitment to honesty and ethics, resulting in trusted relationships with one another, consumers, suppliers, and communities. To fully use their unrivalled breadth and experience, they collaborate effortlessly across locations, platforms, business units, and departments. Furthermore, they attract, develop, and retain extraordinary people in a diverse workplace where all employees may achieve their full potential.

SSP Fitting Corporation


Source: www.myssp.com

SSP Fittings Corp. was formed in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. SSP began as a contract maker of brass and carbon steel screw machine equipment for the general industry.

Their goal is to be the installer’s top choice. Everyone understands that they begin by developing instrumentation devices that meet all industry standards while also enhancing the user installation and replacement process. However, it takes a lot more than that. It requires agility and reactivity, personal effort and transparency, as well as authenticity and collaborations with the customers and coworkers.

Whitecap Industries, Inc.

Whitecap Industries, Inc. Logo

Source: www.whitecapindustries.net

Whitecap, Inc. was established in 1972. They primarily deal with hardware and plumbing items and operate as an importer, producer, exporter, and wholesaler.

The hardware and marine industries are two contemporary markets. OEMs and aftermarket customers receive final goods from them. For many customers, the packaging is designed and constructed for private labelled products, which are then passed on to retail channels. They also use Whitecap packaging to distribute big volumes of blister-packed products.

Enolgas USA

Emolgas USA Logo

Source: www.enolgasusa.com

Enolgas USA Inc. was founded in the United States in 2008 by the Italian company Enolgas Bonomi S.p.A. to operate as a subsidiary in North America.

Since its establishment, they have provided expedited logistic services with destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands, all from their location in Florida. They also offer technology solutions as well as research and development help. They are focused on achieving a high level of client loyalty through the development of common initiatives that they try to achieve to benefit both parties.

Enolgas USA Inc. is the only firm that offers high-quality actuated valves and system packages under a single item number that is part of a self-explanatory integrated nomenclature. From raw material to completed product, all actuators, valves, and systems are created under one roof. HVAC is our main line of business. Furthermore, they stand out due to the innovation in design, ease of installation, and performance in crucial applications of their products. Their product line includes both common goods for the HVAC sector and unique, purpose-built solutions with added value.

Kitz Corporation of America

Kitz Corp. Logo

Source: https://kitzus-kca.com

KITZ, which was founded in 1951, is one of the leading global valve manufacturers and Japan’s largest. Carbon steel, stainless steel, gray iron and ductile iron, bronze and brass valves, and actuators are among the company’s most popular items.

KITZ continues to enhance its production systems, including the use of in-house foundries, to preserve product quality and delivery. Their quality assurance system assures that the materials, products, and services fulfil client specifications at all stages of production.

They also use the just-in-time production system to substantially gain a sustainable competitive advantage and respond to a wide range of market expectations.


The number of stainless steel ball valve manufacturers will always increase. With the list above, you are quite certain that you’ll get the best. At SIO, we are dedicated to delivering more than the market expects. We are efficient in meeting demands. Reach out to us and let our team work with you to choose the product that will best suit your needs.

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