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Knife gate valves are often used in wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, mining, and chemical industries, among other places, whereas check valves are utilized in a range of other places.

Grease, fuel oil, lacquer, recycled paper, contaminated water, and other highly viscous fluids work well with Knife Edge valves. Hence, if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer in Ahmedabad, check our list of the top 5 knife gate valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

1. SIO

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

Year Established: 2009

Location: Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China

Industry: Industrial Valve Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: API 6D; API 607; ISO: 1400 certified

SIO is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial gate valves in China. With experience of over 10 years, they own a reputation for supplying high-quality valves at an economical price. Customer satisfaction is their prime concern.

They have a wide range of industrial valves available. Along with this, they even provide related services in this area. They are punctual with their delivery time and even provide the option of customization to the customers. There is no minimum order and free samples are also available. 

Products Offered:

2. EG Valves Manufacturing Co. Ltd



Year Established: 2000

Location: Sanqiao Industrial Zone, Oubei

Industry: Valve Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO 9001 certified; CE/PED, API-6D, and OHSAS certifications

EG Valves Manufacturing Co. Ltd is an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of valves located in China. Their valves are manufactured according to ANSI, API, DIN, BS, and JIS standards which guarantees that only high-quality products are supplied to the customers.

They have 19 years of experience in this field. Valves are available in a variety of raw materials and sizes. They offer fast and flexible delivery and small orders are also accepted. Their professional team and right attitude along with superior quality are their strengths.

Products Offered:

3. NTGD Valve Co. Ltd



Year Established: 2005

Location: Weishi County, Kaifeng, Henan

Industry: Valves Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO9001; ISO14001; ISO18001 certified

NTGD Valve Co. Ltd is another renowned valve manufacturer with a history of more than 30 years in this domain. All of their products are manufactured following ANSI, ASME, API, and DIN which speaks of their superior quality and reliability.

Products Offered:

4. Vatac



Year Established: 2013

Location: Dongou Industrial Zone, Oubei

Industry: Valves Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO 9001:2000 certified

Vatac is a famous and internationally leading manufacturer of valves serving various sectors like potable water, sewage, marine, oil, nuclear, refinery, wastewater, etc. 

They have high-quality standards and a professionally skilled workforce that ensures that the demands of the customers are fulfilled in the best manner.

Products Offered: 

5. TianjinTanggu Jinbin Valve Co. Ltd.



Year Established: 2004

Location: Tanggu Development District, Tianjin, China

Industry: Valve Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO28001, and others

TianjinTanggu Jinbin Valve Co. Ltd. is a prominent manufacturer of industrial valves located in Northern China. The company is equipped with modern machinery, skilled workforce which ensures quality production.

Their products have international recognition as they export valves to more than 26 countries. They are keen on research and development and customer services.

Products Offered:

6. NSV Valve



Year Established: 2007

Location: Dongou Street, Oubei, Zhejiang

Industry: Valve Manufacturing 

Awards and Certifications: ISO9001; CE; PED; API6D; Fire Safe approval

NSV Valve is a dynamic and reputed manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves based in China. They have high-quality standards and offer customized and specialized valves. 

With an experience of 12 years, they even supply their products to the international market. Strict quality controls help them to deliver the best to the customers.

Products Offered:


To make your process simpler while searching for an appropriate knife gate valve manufacturer, we’ve provided this blog. Take a look at all the manufacturers, you can contact the one that best suits your need.

List Of Top-Rated Knife Gate Valve Manufacturers in China

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