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Ball valves are a common item in the plumbing industry. They have the opportunity to suppress the flow of water via the line. Metal Ball Valves are available in two types of materials. Brass and stainless steel. As stainless ball valves have become more frequent in non-industrial applications, Stainless Steel Ball Valves are more popular.

There are still many stainless steel ball valves supplied all over Singapore alone. This article will offer you an overview of the 8 finest stainless steel ball valve suppliers based in Singapore, so you can receive the best in the market. Examine your best choices below:

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SIO Logo

Known as a stainless steel valve company, SIO has its headquarters in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. The company has established itself as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel ball valves since its inception in 2009. It employs 71 people who work relentlessly to increase productivity and ensure that no detail is ignored.

They’ve gradually increased their product line from reduced bore ball valve to full port ball valve, allowing them to export abroad, including Singapore, where they have a significant market capitalization. As a privately held company, SIO ensures that all operations are of the highest quality, dependable, and have the least negative environmental impact possible due to low pollution levels.

Sharpe Valves

Sharpee Valves Logo


Sharpe Valves is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of the check, foot, gate, globe valves, and metal seat ball valve, and is a branch of Smith-Cooper International. Sharpe’s Alloy 20 stainless-steel ball valves are ideal for applications involving sulphuric acid. 

These valves have a blowout-proof stem that protects against overpressure and a PTFE seal that can resist harsh environments. They can resist a maximum pressure of 1200 psi WOG and work at temperatures ranging from 0 to 500 ° F. Salter stainless-steel flanged check valves are also accessible for water, air, fuel gas, steam, oil, and hydrocarbons.


TLV Logo


TLV was established in 1950, Singapore. Product creation begins with its customers in mind. Its mission is to deliver items that go above and beyond customers expectations, air operated ball valve is some of which.  They’ve developed a wide range of solutions to fulfil market demands, including steam traps, valves, and separators, as well as advanced system goods and software.

They have over 4,000 patents and utility models around the world, demonstrating their commitment to developing new, cutting-edge technologies.

TLV is a manufacturer and supplier. Each product they make demonstrates their everlasting commitment to quality and is essential to their solutions. They strive for the finest quality and continuously deliver items that are critical to their clients’ operations. They are always improving their manufacturing processes to ensure that they provide high-quality items on time to their global clients.

Fujikin Singapore Pte Ltd

Fujikin Singapore Pte Ltd Logo


In 2010, Fujikin Singapore Pte Ltd was founded. The Fujikin Group’s marketing and sales activities in Southeast Asia are coordinated through the Singapore sales office. They aspire to provide timely and effective support to their regional clients as the Southeast Asian region’s major centre. It’s a subsidiary of Fujikin Incorporation, which was formed in 1930. 

Other than Fujikin Singapore Pte Ltd, it has other subsidiary offices such as Carten Controls Ltd (CCL), TK-Fujikin Corporation (TKF), and Fujikin Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Citizen Metals PVT Ltd

Citizen Metals PVT.Ltd logo


Citizen Valves was founded in 1981 and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Citizen Valve is a professional valve manufacturer specializing in producing and supplying industrial valves with over 35 years of experience. Their plant in Gujarat covers an area of 15000 square meters and is equipped with the most up-to-date and automated machinery. They may also customize their factory tours to meet the needs of their clients.

Gate valves, check valves, stainless steel globe valve, butterfly valves, plug valves, stainless steel flange ball valves, strainers, and strainers are among the industrial valves they manufacture in Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel. The valves are made to ANSI, API, DIN, GOST, BS, and JIS standards, as well as the customer’s specific needs. 

Their Industrial valves are more suitable for a wide variety of applications in the Gas, Oil, Refining, Chemical, Marine, Power Generation, and Pipeline Transmission Industries, and they currently export to around 60 countries including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

Chuan Kok

Chuan Kok Logo


Jackson Chuan, the company’s founder, founded Chuan Kok in 1982. Their drive to succeed in this field has grown even stronger. It developed itself as the leading supplier of hydraulic components over time, providing competent advice and high-quality products, which includes carbon steel ball valve. They are unable to think of something else they would prefer to do.

This has allowed them to ship to a variety of destinations. Their brand identity is well-known and respected in the business, and this is due to their team’s willingness to go above and beyond industry expectations in their work.

Mega Valve & Fitting PTE Ltd

Mega Valve & Fitting PTE Ltd


Mega Valve & Fitting Pte. Ltd. was founded in March 2001 by a group of local and international investors who were motivated to pool their resources and believe in the promise of the semiconductor and biotech industries.

Mega valve & Fitting is a distribution company and wholesaler for a wide range of ultra-high purity (UHP) and high vacuum component (HVC) products, which it distributes to major industrial areas.

The company is committed to being the industry’s leading single distributor of Ultra High Purity (UHP) goods for the semiconductor and LCD industries.

The organization is committed to continuous value development by emphasizing service, lead-time, logistical assistance, and professionalism to meet customers’ requests for accurate information and superior service. The organization strives to provide its employees with a safe, positive, and fulfilling work environment.


Norika Logo


Since its establishment in 2003, we have established a reputation as a reliable and cost-effective provider of high-quality materials and products. They have a QCDS value, which stands for Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Service Excellence, at the forefront of our minds.


The list above is certainly great, we won’t deny that. It’s good for people to work with experienced brands in the industry. At SIO, the dedication is to ensure that we offer an all-around service. Our valves are API and ASME B16.34 certified. Contact Us and our team will walk you through every step of your selection. We also offer after-sale services to our esteemed customers. Best of luck!

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