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Top 4 Industrial Gate Valve Manufacturers in India

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India has established itself as a formidable source of industrial components, including industrial valves. Gate valves are one of the most commonly used industrial valves in any system. They are used for isolating, starting, and stopping different kinds of media flowing through a pipeline. Gate valve manufacturers in India are at par with the rest of the world in terms of high-quality and low cost.

There are many gate valve manufacturers in India. So choosing the right one for your business can be a daunting task. To help make your decision easier, we have curated the top gate valve manufacturers in the country.

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Carbon Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer in India

Carbon steel is a metal alloy with a higher carbon content compared to other kinds of alloy. Carbon steel gate valves have a certain degree of hardness and strength but are less ductile. They are often used in general service applications and harsh environments. These valves are suitable for gas, oil, steam and water industries.

Gate Valve

GM Engineering

GM Engineering

GM Engineering is a fast growing industrial valve manufacturer based in GIDC Metoda. The company’s valves are mostly used in applications such as water flow, gas, steam, air and oil. GM Engineering cast steel gate valves are used for isolation. This product line features an OS&Y construction. These valves have a flexible wedge design that can be customized either as a solid wedge or a split wedge.

GM cast steel gate valves have a pressure rating range of ANSI Class 150, ANSI Class 300 and ANSI Class 600. The valve sizes can range from 15mm to 600mm. These valves have been tested using API 598 and ISO 5208 standards. The valves can come in flanged or butt weld end connections.

High-Pressure Gate Valve Manufacturer in India

The high-pressure gate valve is a specialized gate valve used in applications with pressures over 10,000 bar or 150,000psi. High pressure gate valves can be often seen in a variety of industries such as oil production, hydraulics, and more. High-pressure valves are often categorized as relief valves, reducing valves, sequence valves, counterbalance valves, and unloading valves.


L&T Valves

L&T logo2

L&T offers different kinds of gate valves. One of them is used in high-pressure applications called the pressure seal valve. This gate valve product line carries the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Gas Test Certificate, Flow Interruption Test Certificate, ISO 15949-1 Certificate, CE PED Module B1-DEC Certificate, EU Declaration of Conformity Certificate and the SIL Certificate.

The L&T pressure seal gate valve can range from 80mm to 1050mm in size. It can have pressure ratings that range from ASME Class 600 to Class 4100. These valves carry the design standards ASME B16.34 and API 600 and are used in mainstream isolation services, power plants, and oil & gas industries. This product line has 3mm hardfacing thickness to ensure uniform hot hardness. Valves that have higher than ASME Class 2500 rating have high purity 7-ring graphite packings. These valves are available in cast and forged steel. Each valve from L&T is equipped with ValvTrac™ RFID tags for digital tracing.

Forged Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer in India

A forged steel gate valve is made of iron and carbon alloy that is compressed in high temperature resulting in a hard and strong industrial valve. Forged steel gate valves are tougher, more durable, and have high tolerance capabilities. They can withstand high loads and stresses easily. The uniformed grains caused by compression of steel make the forged steel gate valve stronger than the machined or cast type gate valve.


VIP Valves

VIP Valves logo

VIP gate valves come in two materials: cast steel and forged steel. The latter is used in small bore gate valves. The forged steel gate valve line has an OS & Y design with a rising stem feature. It comes in the bolted bonnet design with flanged, socket weld or screwed end connections. Handwheel operated, the forged steel gate valves have a pressure rating range of ANSI Class 300 up to ANSI Class 800. These valves have been tested according to API 602 and API 598 standards.

The body VIP forged steel gate valves are either made of carbon steel, chromoly alloy, stainless steel grade 304 and grade 316.The working parts are made of 13% chromium steel material if these belong to API 600 Trim 5 and 8. Otherwise, these parts are made of stainless steel grade 316. The gasket and packing are made of spiral wound stainless steel grade 304.

Cast Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer in India

Cast steel gate valves are made of 0.1 to 0.5 percent carbon and the rest is iron. Carbon steel gate valves are more resistant to impact. They can withstand sudden impacts so the gate valve is not prone to bending or deformation. Cast steel gate valves are more reliable as steel is hard yet ductile enough to be shaped like a gate valve. These valves can vary in size and weight as they are capable of handling heavy loads of media.


Hyper Valves

Hyper Valves logo1

Hyper Valves cast steel gate valves are often found in sugar mills, marine and mining applications, distillery plants, fertilizer plants, pulp & paper mill applications, and oil, gas & petrochemical plants, among others. This product line has an OS & Y design with a deep stuffing box. The stems are made of full nitrite to protect the valve from erosion and resist abrasion. The hard-faced seating surfaces can be customized to stellite grade 6. The end connections can come either as flanged or butt-weld.

Hype Valves cast steel gate valves can range from DN 25mm to DN 300mm in size. The pressure ratings can range from Class 150 to Class 600. These valves have a full port design. These valves follow the API 600 and BS 1414 design standards and have been inspected and tested according to API 598 standards.

In Summary

India is considered one of the top exporters of industrial valves, particularly gate valves, in the world. Do you think we have missed any high quality gate valve manufacturer from India? Tell us in the comments section below!

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