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Best 5 Ball Valve Manufacturers in Pune

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It is daunting to look for industrial ball valves, given the saturation of markets. In a country as vast as India, you’d like to narrow down your choices to one region. While most of the bigger valve manufacturers are found in metropolitan areas, there are many reputable valve producers outside Mumbai as well.

Pune is one such region in India where many top ball valve manufacturers have set up their operations. This article is designed to help you narrow down your choice of valve manufacturing companies in Pune. We have provided you with pertinent information that can help you choose a suitable valve company for your business.

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Ball Valve Manufacturers in Pune

Ball valves are known for their bubble-tight sealing so these valves are great choices for gas applications. While the most common kind of ball valve is the two-way ball valve, there are two other kinds of orientation, the three-way ball valve, which has three openings, and the four-way ball valve, having four openings. Ball valves have four general body styles. These are the fully welded, the three-piece, also called side or end-entry valve, split body, and the top entry. These designs depend on the number of pieces the ball valve body has and how these are manufactured.

flange ball valve



Microfinish is one of the best high pressure ball valves manufacturers to receive the ISO 9001 certificate in 1994. With its extensive experience and well-skilled workforce, it has provided the oil and gas market with different kinds of industrial valves. With an emphasis on R&D, it has developed valves that reduce fugitive emissions through the introduction of Cup-and-Cone seal design.

Microfinish has four kinds of ball valves in its ball valve product line. The trunnion mounted ball valve is available in full and reduced bore designs in sizes up to DN1200 and pressure class ASME 2500. Its floating ball valve design is also available in full bore and reduced bore configurations with a maximum DN 250 for its size. It can handle pressure ratings up to 2500 psi. The cryogenic ball valves have pressure ratings up to DN 600 for the trunnion mounted design and DN 250 for the floating ball valve design. This valve has a fire safe design and can withstand up to -269°C/-450°F. The metal seated ball valve and carbon steel ball valve can withstand extreme temperatures as high as 650°C / 1200°F and pressure as high as 2500.

Microfinish has numerous certificates to boast: ISO 9001 2015 Recommendation letter Microfinish Group of Companies, API 6D Monogram, PED Certificate, ATEX Certificate, ISO 18001-2007, SIL Certificate Trunnion mounted, SIL Certificate floating ball valve, TA Luft Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve with Graphite, TA Luft Floating Ball Valve with PTFE, TA Luft Floating Ball Valve with Graphite, and ISO 15848-1.

Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Pune

The butterfly valve can be used to stop, start or regulate the flow of media. Butterfly valves are quick to open- they only need a quarter turn for a full opening or closure. Butterfly valves have thin valve bodies with a round disc that swings in both directions for opening or closing. These valves often have metal-to-metal seats or soft elastomeric seats. Butterfly valves are lightweight and suitable when space is an issue. These are used for a large volume of media with low pressure as well as thicker and more viscous media.

butterfly valve


IPC logo

IPC started as an industrial solution provider that crossed over to manufacturing industrial valves. It has hydraulic and pneumatic pumps that test for pressure up to ANSI Class 2500.

IPC has supplied ball valves to various industries including refineries, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food, among others. 

The company offers four types of butterfly valves: the centric butterfly valve, the double offset butterfly valve, the triple offset butterfly valve, and PFA lined butterfly valve. These valves have sizes ranging from 2 inches to 24 inches. 

Its centric butterfly valve is available in wafer and lug type. It has a pressure rating of ANSI Class 150 The double offset butterfly valve is available in carbon, alloy, and stainless steel materials. It has a pressure rating from Class 150 to Class 300. The triple offset butterfly valves have rugged metal seats that are suitable for high temperatures. The pressure rating of these valves ranges from Class 150 to Class 600. Lastly, PFA lined butterfly valves are more durable than the PTFE coated seat valves. These valves are suited for corrosive materials and have pressure ratings ranging from PN 10 to PN 16.

Solenoid Valve Suppliers in Pune

Solenoid valves are used when there is a need to control the valves automatically. Oftentimes, this happens when the valve is too far from the control center or when the valves can’t be manually opened or closed. Solenoid valves either shut off or allow the flow of media. An electromagnet acts as an actuator. Solenoid valves can be classified depending on the type of valve operation. These can be direct-acting, internally piloted or externally piloted.

Solenoid valve

Rieco Industries Limited

Rieco logo

Rieco is an industrial product manufacturer with a wide array of offerings, ranging from diverter valves, rotary airlock valves, crushing mills, grinding mills, screw conveyor, ribbon blender, grinder machines, pneumatic conveying system, centrifugal fan, universal hammer machines, dust extraction systems, and pin mills. The diversified product portfolio of Rieco Industries is used in cement, steel, and thermal power applications. Its solenoid valve is made of PVC. Ideal for fuel applications, this solenoid valve has an automatic actuation system with a 220 voltage.

Non Return Valve Manufacturers in Pune

Non-return valves are unidirectional valves where one opening is for media entry and the other is for the exit of the media. The opening and closing of these valves are automatic so such valves do not have handles or stems. Non-return valves depend on internal pressure to open or close. There are three kinds of nonreturn valves. These are the ball type, diaphragm type, swing check type, and stop check type.

Cast steel check valve

Parth Valves

Parth Valves Logo

Parth Valves is one of the valve manufacturers in Pune that has consistently provided its clients with innovative ball valve products for years. Focusing on hygienic valves and FDA hoses, Parth Valves is one of the best non-return valve manufacturers in Pune. Aside from this, the company also produces several kinds of industrial valves such as air operated ball valve, actuators, Y-strainers, and solenoid valves. The company is actively servicing the food, pharma, brewery, dairy and chemical industries.

You can choose from carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel materials among others. Parth non-return valve sizes range from ½ inches up to 12 inches with pressure ratings ranging from PN10 and PN16. These valves can come in bolted cover or pressure seal bonnet, lift check type, swing check type, piston check, tilting disc, and non-slam check designs. The end connections can be screwed, socket weld, flanged, hub end or butt weld. The actuator is manual. Parth Valves is also one of the custom valve manufacturing companies in Pune so valves can be designed depending on your preferences and requirements.

Pressure Relief Valve Manufacturers in Pune

Pressure relief valves are the last measure of defense during the event that the internal pressure is above the maximum allowable working pressure. There is a predetermined set pressure that, when this is reached, the pressure relief valve would open to release excess pressure and return to the normal level. Safety relief valves, pilot-operated pressure relief valve, powder-actuated pressure relief valve, temperature-actuated pressure relief valve, and vacuum relief valve are a few examples of the pressure relief valve.

Pressure Relief Valve

Nutshell Engineers

Nutshell Engineers logo

Nutshell Engineers are experts in the pressure relief equipment, pressure control equipment, industrial automation, and special purpose machines. Nutshell Engineers serve industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil, and gas.

Pressure and vacuum relief valve from Nutshell Engineers are designed to serve storage tanks, low-pressure vessels, and gas piping. Valve sizes available for this kind of valve range from 2 inches to 12 inches. The body can be constructed from cast steel, aluminum, stainless steel, stainless steel grade 304, stainless steel grade 316 and PP materials. The pallet to body seating can be made from nitrile rubber O-ring or PTFE O-ring.


Ball valve manufacturers in Pune are one of the best in India. These valve manufacturers in India have extensive experience in ball valves and other kinds of industrial valves. Choose one that is best for your business. Do you think the list is complete? Have we missed one? Tell us in the comments below!

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