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A ball valve is a shut-off valve that uses a rotatable ball with a shaft to direct a liquid or gas amount. The substance can flow through or be restricted by turning the ball a quarter revolution around its axle. They have a long service life and ensure solid sealing throughout the life of the valve, even if it is not in use for a long time. 

Stainless steel has a substantially higher corrosion resistance than brass. This is particularly crucial to keep in mind while dealing with valves. Stainless steel ball valves will withstand harsher water conditions considerably better. This will result in a valve that lasts longer. This article will look at the top 9  stainless steel ball valves in Malaysia. Read On!


SIO Logo

As a top stainless steel valve company, SIO is based in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Since its inception in 2009, the organization has earned a reputation as a top stainless steel ball valve maker in the industry. It employs 71 people who work relentlessly to maximize its production and ensure that nothing is short of perfection.

Over the years, they’ve increased their product line from reduced bore ball valve to full port ball valves, allowing them to ship worldwide, including to Malaysia.  SIO ensures that all processes are of the highest standard, are trustworthy, and have the least detrimental impact on the environment due to minimal pollutants, as a privately held corporation.

They provide services to the petrochemical, chemical, and gas/oil industries. SIO guarantees that every employee possesses relevant experience in their respective fields, resulting in a pro team capable of giving the greatest services in the world to their clients, hence building trust and enhancing their brand identity.

Arita Engineering SDN BHD

Arita Logo


Arita Engineering, as one of the best high pressure ball valves manufacturers, was founded in 1994 to serve the local market by distributing valves and piping equipment and parts as well as executing engineering projects in the valves and piping industry.

Unimech Group Berhad, a publicly-traded business on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, owns 100% of Arita Engineering.

Unimech, a global leader in the sale of valves, fittings, instruments, and engineering services, has opened 12 manufacturing sites in the United States and abroad, the majority of which are ISO-registered, to fulfil the growing demand for high-quality products at reasonable rates.

It has increased its network across Indonesia, Thailand, China, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Sigma Hardware

Sigma Hardware


Mr Vincent Tan Hock Huat launched Sigma Hardware Sdn Bhd in 1984. They supply a wide choice of plumbing and sanitary materials. Moreover, they provide their consumers with a rapid and effective countrywide shipping service. 

They are well equipped to provide connected industries with high-quality products like metal seat ball valves and air operated ball valve at a reasonable price, as well as great customer service. They provide dependable and expedient customer service, outstanding shipping, and a willingness to take risks to meet consumers’ expectations.


Minox Logo


Incepted in 2003 at Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia, quality is paramount at Minox, and they have worked hard to ensure that their products satisfy international industry standards in terms of quality control and industry standards.

However, their unwavering commitment to product quality has helped them establish themselves as Malaysia’s leading stainless ball valve manufacturers in the process control business.


Solumatics Logo


Solumatics Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd is a prominent chain store and distributor of valves of multiple kinds. Across Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, they provide and deliver various types of valves and controls products like stainless steel flange ball valves to the Malaysian industry as well as general hardware stores. They also supply mechanical and electrical contractors with materials.

Their core business activity is selling and marketing various valves and controls products, both domestic and imported. They are a significant importer and distributor of pneumatic, process, and related products from Europe, America, Turkey, Korea, and Taiwan.

They offer complete pneumatic solutions and process control under one roof, with the highest level of quality and dependability. Solumatics Engineering & Trading is dedicated to offering timely and adaptable services to meet your company’s requirements.

Unimech Marine Division

Unimech Marine Division Logo


Unimech Marine Equipment Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2010 but has quickly established itself as a prominent contender in the marine equipment sector because of its high-quality products and skilled personnel.

They are the only marine equipment manufacturer in Malaysia that has been confirmed by several maritime accreditation authorities such as Bureau Veritas and ABS. This is one of the main advantages that has helped them become one of the strongest companies in the marine business. Their achievement of verification has unquestionably specified the highest quality of their products and services.

Chuan Kok

Chuan Kok Logo


The founder of Chuan Kok, Jackson Chuan, started it in 1982. Their desire to achieve in this sector has only become stronger. Over time, they established themselves as the top provider of hydraulic components, offering expert guidance and high-quality products, carbon steel ball valve is some of which. And there isn’t anything else they would rather do.

This has enabled them to ship to different countries including Malaysia. Their brand identity is recognized and valued in the industry, and that is because its team has been quite eccentric in its work to ensure that what they achieve is far beyond industry satisfaction.

Gemu Group

Gemu Group Logo


The GEMÜ Group is a major manufacturer of liquid, vapour, and gas valves, as well as measuring and control systems. When it comes to sterilized application solutions, GEMÜ is the global market leader. 

The GEMÜ Group includes the identification and management solutions provider, inevvo solutions, the Schloß-Hotel in Ingelfingen, and the Ingelfinger Fass vineyard, in conjunction with GEMÜ and its 27 subsidiaries. GEMÜ also includes VIP Präsent, an advertising products agency, and GFM Solutions, a service provider for contactless hand disinfection systems.

TTS Valve Technologies

TTS Valve Technologies Logo


They have 20 years of experience in valve automation, solenoid valves, stainless steel globe valve, process, and pneumatic valves, having been founded in 2001. They know how to carry a wide range of inventory to meet all sorts of client requests and to support its long-term loyal customers for same-day deliveries because of their many years of expertise in various sectors and fields. 

The TTS team takes pride in developing products that are both reliable and technically sound. They take pride in exceeding their customers’ expectations and offering superior service.


There is no doubt that there are several stainless steel ball valves in Malaysia, but it’s good to work with experts in the industry. At SIO, we value your satisfaction and therefore, offer more than just quality in our stainless steel ball valve manufacturing. Our valves are API 602 and ASME B16.34 certified. Contact Us and be assured of nothing short of proficiency.

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