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Commonly used in the Petrochemical, Chemical, and Oil industries, metal seat butterfly valves are increasingly used to control the flow of liquids, solids, or gases. There are different types of butterfly valves for different industries such as wafer type butterfly valves, lug type butterfly valves, double eccentric butterfly valves, triple eccentric butterfly valves, and rotary valves.

To help you in sourcing the right butterfly valve, we have compiled a list of the best butterfly valve suppliers in South Africa.

Best Butterfly Valve Manufacturer and Supplier in China

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

SIO is the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves in China. It has been in the valve manufacturing industry for 10 years now and it has managed to ace the industry with its high-quality products. 

SIO offers quality and cost-effective products for every industry and application. It always makes sure that it provides healthy competition to other companies by providing a reasonable price for the valves without compromising on their quality. SIO excels in the production of rotary valves and is probably one of the best rotary valves manufacturers across the globe.

1. LVSA Group

LVSA Group Logo

Source: LVSA Group

Year Established: 2018

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Industry: Flow control

LVSA Group was established in 2018 to serve the local African market with control valves that are manufactured in accordance with the national as well as international standards. As one of high performance butterfly valve manufacturers, they aim to design and market high-quality products at reasonable prices. They provide some of the best valves South Africa has to offer.

The LVSA Group always pursues advanced technologies to remain updated in the industry and the global arena. They have the right balance of infrastructure and capability that enables them to deliver the best products to their customers. It has a consistent track record when it comes to performance, quality, and reliability.

This company has been acknowledged by EPCM contractors as a completely local manufacturer of high-end industrial valves. Its product range covers several categories of valves such as butterfly, ball, gate, metal-seated, etc.

The key butterfly valve products manufactured by the LVSA Group include:

2. Thermal Valve Manufacturer

TVM Logo

Source: Thermal Valve Manufacturer

Location: Kingsburgh, Durban, South Africa

Industry: Valve

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

TVM is a completely black women-owned company that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of butterfly valves. It also offers refurbishment of old valves to its clients. 

Thermal Valve Manufacturer is a good option for those who need valve solutions, excellent service, and flexibility of production without compromising on the quality. The strategic partnership of TVM with ROMOTAS and PETREL enables them to provide engineering solutions to their clients as well.

Some of the top butterfly valve products manufactured by TVM include:

3. AVK Southern Africa


Source: AVK Southern Africa

Year Established: 1991

Location: Chris and Garfield Road, Alrode 1451 Alberton, South Africa

Industry: Flow control

Certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 45001

AVK Southern Africa holds 30 years of experience in the valve manufacturing industry and has set a high standard for custom-designed valves. They provide high-quality products that are reliable and reasonable in price. 

The highly experienced team of AVK offers different types of valves for the most demanding industries. With AVK, you can be assured that the valves that you receive will be efficient.

The key butterfly valve products manufactured by AVK include:

Things To Consider Before Buying Butterfly Valves

Here are a few things that you should consider before buying butterfly valves.

1. Operating Life of the Valves


Source: Pinterest

You need to determine the cycle of operation that the butterfly valve offers and make sure that it is maintenance-free while accommodating bubble-tight shut-off.

2. Versatility


Source: Pinterest

Butterfly valves offer more versatility than gate or ball valves and can be used for on/off service. They also offer a broad range of chemical resistance because of the choice of elastomeric liners and the option to trim.

3. Pressure Drop


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The energy costs of butterfly valves increase with excessive pressure drop. You need to make sure that the butterfly valve that you buy does not experience excessive pressure drop to ensure cost-effectiveness.

4. Weight


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Buying a lightweight butterfly valve made of carbon or steel can be extremely cost-efficient because the heavier the system gets, the stronger are the pipes required and that increases expense. If you consider the weight of the butterfly valve then you can reduce the costs of piping.

5. Ease of Operation

The ease of opening and closing of butterfly valves determines the amount of time that will be required in operating them. Butterfly valves that are rotary can be easily opened and closed, so it is a better option to save time.

6. Physical Size


Source: Pinterest

The ease of opening and closing of butterfly valves determines the amount of time that will be required in operating them. Butterfly valves that are rotary can be easily opened and closed, so it is a better option to save time.

7. Maintenance

A properly installed butterfly valve does not require much maintenance because it is self-cleaning. It is also less susceptible to be damaged due to dust or some material in the line. Make sure that the valve you buy is not high maintenance and is installed properly for better functioning.

8. Cost

The notion that highly-priced products are of high quality is completely untrue. The cost of the butterfly valves should be worth the features that it has and the functions that it offers. 

A butterfly valve is generally low in price than other types of valves like high pressure valves and the cost of installing it is also very low.


There are various butterfly valve suppliers in the market but it is sometimes beneficial to get them from places in your vicinity. We have provided you with the list of the best butterfly valve manufacturers in South Africa and we hope that you can source out the best one for yourself. 

List Of the Best Butterfly Valve Suppliers in South Africa

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