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Gate Valves, Sphere Valves, Ball Valves, Pressure Valves, and Diaphragm Valves are examples of industrial valves. These devices perform a variety of purposes and operate on a separate concept.

Industrial valves are used to control the flow of liquids, gases, and slurries. These valves are used to control the liquid flow or gases. This can be accomplished by partially restricting pipes and other routes by opening, shutting, and partially obstructing them.

Chinese Company For Your
Valve Requirements

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Chinese Company For Your
Valve Requirements

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

SIO, China’s leading valve producer, provides bespoke valves and valve actuating services for a wide range of industries. The oil and gas sector, the petrochemical plants industry, the refining business, paper manufacturing, the energy sector, and others all use their industrial devices and equipment.

Their mission as a trusted valve provider is to develop the best valves and industrial machinery to fulfill their customers’ diversified needs. The stem sealing method on SIO valves eliminates leak routes and reduces airborne contaminants.

1. Clark Cooper


Source: Clark Cooper

Type of Business: Industrial Equipment Supplier

Location (Headquarters): New Jersey

Year Founded: 1914

Products offered:

Clark Cooper is a solenoid valve maker that specializes in custom solutions rather than typical product lines. Finding an appropriate product and sale agreement becomes a procurement issue as corrosive chemicals, gritty materials, high temperatures, and high pressures begin to exclude traditional product lines and suppliers.

If you use a Clark Cooper valve to tackle a difficult challenge, you can improve the efficiency of your process and create something that others thought was impossible.

2. Emerson Electric Co

Emerson Logo

Source: Emerson Electric Co

Type of Business: Electrical Equipments

Location (Headquarters): MO 63136

Year Founded: 1890

Products offered:

Industry leaders turn on Emerson as a reliable partner who is always seeking new ways to assist them to handle the next big issue.

Their Automated test Solutions platform allows them to work collaboratively across their mechanization businesses to create more comprehensive solutions to clients based on their extensive industry knowledge, and further leverage their international footprint, industry knowledge, and manufacturing software to assist industries in meeting key sustainable development and operational objectives.

3. Flowserve

Flowserve Logo

Source: Flowserve

Type of Business: Industrial Equipment Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Texas

Year Founded: 1997

Products offered:

The foundation of today’s Flowserve is a long and stable process of innovation. Although they became a public corporation on the New York Stock Exchange in 1997, their roots may be traced back to the British firm Simpson & Thompson, which was founded in 1790. Worthington Simpson Pumps, which is now part of the Flowserve family of businesses, was founded by this pioneering business.

Flowserve is now a publicly-traded company with annual sales of $4 billion, 17,500+ people, and operations in more than 50 countries and 300 facilities across the world.

4. Crane Co


Source: Crane Co

Type of Business: Industrial Engineering

Location (Headquarters): Stamford

Year Founded: 1855

Products offered:

Engineered Materials has been divested by Crane, which is pursuing its path of streamlining by focusing on its three worldwide strategic growth pillars.

Crane was always an engineering-led corporation, in addition to having a world-class set of procedures and a controlled tempo. Their strategy for developments and technological product creation is being refined as their company grows.

5. Curtiss Wright


Source: Curtiss Wright

Type of Business: Aerospace Company

Location (Headquarters): North Carolina

Year Founded: 1929

Products offered:

The entrepreneurial mindset that their founders instilled in them is still a motivating factor today. They depend on their core function of generating patented technologies and outstanding quality, as well as safety, operating excellence, and dependability, to deliver significant value to their clients.

Their new organizational structure has been simplified, focusing on their diverse end markets via three well-balanced segments – Aviation & Industrial, Defense Technologies, and Naval & Power.

Types of Valves and Their Applications


Source: Pinterest

1. Gate Valves

2. Globe Valves

3. Balls Valves

4. Butterfly Valves

5. Check Valves


Valves come in various shapes, perform various functions, and are made of several metals and alloys. The above article would help you find the most suitable valve supplier in the USA for you.

List of The Best Valve Manufacturing Companies in USA

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