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Valves made from brass are produced by casting to increase the durability of the valves. They are commonly used for shut-off applications owing to their perfect seal feature which does not wear off even when the valve is not used for a long time. They don’t find use in throttling applications because of their spherical discs that do not offer proper control.

There are several variations of brass ball valves that are manufactured for various applications and it is difficult to source out the right brass ball valve manufacturer in Jamnagar for your application. But do not worry because this list of the top brass valve manufacturers will help you find the ideal manufacturer in Jamnagar.

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Best Ball Valve Manufacturers
in China

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

SIO is the leading ball valve manufacturer in China and it delivers quality products all around the world. SIO is proud of its capabilities to solve complex control problems of its clients. Its services range from manufacturing top products to excellent after-sales service for maintenance of the valves. 

With their innovative technology, you’ll get ball valves of various materials like stainless steel, forged steel and metal seat ball valve along with others.

SIO delivers valves faster than many big companies without compromising on quality. Its ball valves can be customized into unique flow patterns according to the requirements of its clients. With a qualified team of engineers, SIO is sure to innovate its products with the latest technological advancements to produce 100% safe products.

1. Rathod Enterprise

Rathod Enterprise logo

Source: Rathod Enterprise

Year Established: 1979

Location: Shed No. C-2/106, GIDC, Jamnagar 

Industry: Exporting

Certification: ISO 9001:2015

Since the inception of Rathod Enterprise in 1979, it has engaged itself in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of brass products of high quality. Rathod Enterprise has a highly experienced team of professionals that overlook the entire process of manufacturing the brass valves.

To offer their clients defect-free valves, the quality controllers of this company test the entire range of products in accordance with the ISO standards. Their brass ball valves are commonly used in the Chemical and Water Supply industries because of the efficiency and polished finishing of their valves.

2. Vijay Agro Industries

Vijay Agro Industries logo

Source: Vijay Agro Industries

Year Established: 1981

Location: G-road, Phase-3, Dared, Jamnagar 

Industry: Manufacturing

Vijay Agro Industries has been involved in the manufacturing of brass products since 1981. The products manufactured by this company are fabricated using optimum quality material that has been acquired from certified market vendors. The brass products offered by this company are widely appreciated for their durability and corrosive resistance.

The brass ball valves manufactured by Vijay are available at industry-leading prices and are highly demanded by the agricultural industry. You can also get them customized to perfection from this company’s highly trained engineers.

3. Avin Brass Components


Source: Avin Brass Components

Year Established: 2000

Location: GIDC Phase-3, Dared, Jamnagar 

Industry: Manufacturing

Backed by the experience of 21 years in manufacturing valves, Avin Brass Components has attained a remarkable position in the market as a brass ball valve supplier. It offers a quality-assured array of brass ball valves that have been manufactured with the best quality components. 

They employ advanced technology in their manufacturing facility and ensure that their products adhere to the industry standards of design and quality. Available in different sizes and specifications, Avin’s brass ball valves can be bought at affordable prices.

4. Siddhnath Brass Industries


Source: Siddhnath Brass Industries

Location: GIDC Phase-3, Dared, Jamnagar

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Siddhnath is one of the leading brass gas valve manufacturers in Jamnagar. Being ISO certified, it adheres to all the guidelines provided by it and supplies high-quality brass products. Its brass ball valves are widely appreciated for their comprehensive features. 

Siddhnath Brass Industries provides the service of customization as per its client’s requirements. Owing to the company’s commitment towards providing innovative products, Siddhnath’s engineers strive to deliver valves of the latest technology. 

5. Raj Brass Industries

Raj Brass Industries logo

Source: Raj Brass Industries

Location: GIDC Phase-3, Dared, Jamnagar

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Raj Brass Industries is the top brass ball valve supplier and manufacturer. They specialize in customizing their products as per the customer’s drawings, designs, and specifications. Their team diligently focuses on providing good quality products to their clients at an affordable price range. 

Keeping their production goals in mind, Raj Brass Industries is dedicated to providing fast delivery services that come down to one-day delivery for local areas. The company also works on ethical values to provide 100% safe brass ball valves for every industry. 

6. Urvi Brass Products

Urvi Brass Products logo

Source: Urvi Brass Products

Year Established: 1991

Location: GIDC Phase-3, Jamnagar

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Urvi Brass Products is one of the best forged brass ball valve manufacturers in Jamnagar. They offer total CNC turning component solutions for all the requirements starting from design to finished products. Their wide range of brass ball valves sizes enables them to cater to several different industries throughout India and Europe.

Urvi specializes in manufacturing machine components and brass mini ball valves of less than an inch. Their recent investment in the CNC Sliding Head Turning machinery empowers them to deliver products of the highest quality at economical prices.


Brass ball valves are available in a myriad of different sizes and designs, each for a specific purpose. You could custom brass ball valve flange type or other types. Choosing the right valve for your application requires you to put your trust in reputable and certified high pressure ball valves manufacturers. We hope that this list of the top brass valve manufacturers helps you find the ideal valve for your applications.

List of the Top Brass Ball Valve Manufacturers in Jamnagar

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