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Butterfly valves are being extensively used in almost all the industries that are associated with controlling, stopping, and throttling the flow of fluids. With so many options of butterfly valve manufacturers to choose from, it is difficult to find the right one for you.

In this post, we will acknowledge the top butterfly valve suppliers in Singapore to help you source out the best one for yourself. If you plan to buy butterfly valves and are looking for reliable companies, this is the place to make your move.

Best Butterfly Valve Manufacturer and Supplier in China

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Source: SIO Valves

In case you are looking for a butterfly valve manufacturer in China, SIO Valve is the best option. It is a reliable supplier of butterfly valves with more than 10 years of experience. Building on the company’s reputation, SIO Valves manufactures high-precision butterfly valves, ball valves, and automation valves.   

Below are a few of their butterfly valve products:

1. PetrolValves


Source: PetrolValves

Year Established: 1956

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

Industry: Flow solutions

PetrolValves are one of the leading flow solution providers in the energy industry. They specialize and pursue product excellence in manufacturing valves and actuators. Their advanced technology helps them provide high-quality products and services to their customers.

PetrolValves has the ability to design amazing solutions to butterfly valves and offers services in an efficient manner. They offer high standards of reliability and strive to provide maximum performance through their products.

PetrolValves addresses the Energy transition challenges of the market in a sustainable and innovative way while taking care of the needs and requests of the customers.

The butterfly valve products manufactured by PetrolValves include:

2. Fort Vale Engineering Ltd.


Source: Fort Vale

Year Established: 1967

Location: 22 Boon Lay Way, Singapore

Industry: Road tanker

Fort Vale Engineering Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of fittings and butterfly valve supplier in Singapore and is known for its highly precise products. They work with the transportation industry and transporting with Fort Vale ensures first-class safety. They not only aim for being a leading supplier of OEM equipment but also offer premium after-sales service.

Fort Vale has authorized distributors all around the world including Singapore, UK, Russia, and China. They have self-sufficient manufacturing facilities that allow them to produce and test all their products inside their factories themselves.

The key products of butterfly valves manufactured by Fort Vale Engineering include:

3. PJ Pipe & Valve Co. Ltd.


Source: PJ Pipe & Valve

Year Established: 1976

Location: Park Avenue Rochester, Singapore

Industry: Energy

PJ Pipe & Valve Co. Ltd. utilizes its technical expertise to support its customers by delivering projects better. Their combination of customer support capabilities and manufacturing operations help provide attractive valve solutions with maximum efficiency. The close to key energy markets of PJ allow them to locally serve worldwide customers.

The range of butterfly valves of PJ offers space and weight-saving isolation that helps in applications that don’t need an unobstructed bore. The design of their valves offers fire safety with certified zero leakage shut-off. PJ Pipe focuses on producing high-performance butterfly valves and that helps them provide reliable longevity in critical applications.

The top butterfly valve products offered by PJ Pipe & Valve Co. Ltd. include:

4. Pelican Worldwide B.V.


Source: Pelican Worldwide

Location: Singapore

Industry: Engineering

The global network of warehouses and factories of Pelican Worldwide B.V. enables them to supply valves all over the world. Pelican offers a wide range of butterfly valves in different sizes and materials. They deliver high-pressure and high-temperature valves for light and heavy piping applications. 

Pelican has a reputed facility for manufacturing different designs of butterfly valves. This enables them to not only manufacture butterfly valves in bulk but also innovate them.

The key butterfly valve products manufactured by Pelican Worldwide B.V. include:

5. Oilway


Source: Oilway

Year Established: 2009

Location: Singapore

Industry: Petroleum

Oilway designs and manufactures top-notch butterfly valves for clients all over Singapore. Their valves are designed to modulate media flow in almost all industries. Oilway is a trusted butterfly valve supplier that offers on/off operations in their valves. 

Oilway’s butterfly valves allow control of the flow of the liquid as desired because of the quarter-turn rotary motion facility. With Oilways’s service of butterfly valves, throttle control, flow balancing, and direction control, all become easy.

The top butterfly valve products offered by Oilway include:

6. Tomoe Valve Asia Pacific


Source: Tomoe Valve

Year Established: 1953

Location: 2 Toh Guan Rd E, Singapore

Industry: Engineering

Certification: ISO 9001, VA-115-700ZF, and many more

Tomoe Valve has been one of the leading manufacturers of ball valves and butterfly valves since 1953 when it was established. The products of Tomoe are available all over the world because of its supporting facilities that cater to customer needs worldwide. It is located in Singapore and offers high-quality products across the globe.

Tomoe Valve’s products are built with high precision and coupled with their committed services, they deliver the best solutions for butterfly valves.


Butterfly valves have a common role in various industries because of their use to maintain stability and efficiency in operations. We have provided a list of some of the best butterfly valve manufacturers in Singapore and we hope that it helps you source out the best one for you. You can reach out to these companies for assistance in choosing the right butterfly valve for your business.

List of Top Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Singapore

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