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The check valve can be one of the most prominent units for monitoring the flow of the pipeline system and is used as a reduced pressure backflow preventer. Check valves are not just important for industrial services, but they are a crucial part of household systems as well. There can be various types of check valves: ball check valve, diaphragm check valve, swing check valve, high temperature check valves and more.

Finding the best check valve suppliers in UAE can be a difficult task. There are many choices to choose from. Therefore, we have curated this blog for you to get the best check valve manufacturing services in the UAE.

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Best Check Valve Manufacturer in China: SIO Valves

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

If the locality is not your issue, then check out a superior check valve manufacturer from China: SIO Valves. SIO has an excellent reputation in the check valve industry for producing quality products. They also prioritize customer satisfaction. They can also provide you with various options for your customized needs. 

They can make sure that they are a reliable manufacturer which can ease your worries. You get the supreme quality of SIO valves with the best cost-effectivity

The company can offer Ball Valves, double check valvesButterfly Valves, Pneumatic Actuators, Electric Actuators, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, and more. Therefore, when you choose SIO, you are promised the best.

1. Petropipe FZE


Source: Petropipe FZE

Type of Business: Valve Manufacturer

Location: Al Salamah, UAE

Year Founded: 2016

Products offered: Pipes, Valves, BW fittings, Pumps, and more.

Petropipe FZE is a valve manufacturer devoted to delivering quality products, and building the trust of their customers. The company wants to be a reliable solution provider to customers’ requirements. They also want to assure products that are cost-friendly.

Products and services offered:

2. Samamat Flow Control LLC

Logo of Samanat Flow Control LLC

Source: Samamat

Type of Business: Valve Manufacturing and Valve Servicing Company

Location: Dubai, UAE

Products offered: Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Check Valve, and more.

Samamat Flow Control is devoted to delivering high-quality valves to its customers. They have both national and international clients. Samamat has a modern facility with skilled technicians to deliver the best performance. They also prioritize offering a diverse range of products to their customers.

Products and services offered:

3. Dutco Tennant LLC


Source: Dutco Tennant LLC

Type of Business: Supplier of industrial and engineering solutions.

Location: Dubai, UAE

Year Founded: 1976

Products offered: Forged Steel Valve, Cast Steel Valve, Dual Plate Check Valve, and more.

Dutco Tennant LLC has vast experience for four decades. The business is devoted to supplying various projects. They take pride in their experience of working with many clients and making sure to meet their requirements. Dutco Tennant prioritizes putting their customers before them.

Products and services offered:

4. Alhakim Flow Control Valves LLC


Source: Alhakim Flow Control Valves LLC

Type of Business: Flow Control Valves Manufacturer

Location: Dubai, UAE

Products offered: Valves, Fittings, Flanges, Pipes, and more.

Alhakim Flow Control Valves LLC has been serving the Middle East and African subcontinent for a long time. They deliver their valves with test certifications and prioritize delivering the best service to their customers.

Products and services offered:

5. Valmark Valves and Pipelines Supplies

Logo of Valmark Valves

Source: Valmark Valves and Pipelines Supplies

Type of Business:  Supplier of Valves and Pipelines

Location: Dubai, UAE

Year Founded: 2010

Products offered: Valves, BW fittings, Flanges, and more.

Valmark is a supplier of many types of valves in the valve manufacturing industry. They are trusted as a resource to serve petrochemical, power, water, and other industries in the Middle East. Valmark has been certified with ISO 9001:2015.

Products and services offered:

Things to Consider While Looking For A Check Valve Manufacturer

industrial valves

There are certain parameters that you can consider when searching for the best check valve manufacturer. They are:

1. Quality assurance

Without a doubt, quality is the most prominent concept in the customer’s mind. A double check valve assembly is extensively used in the oil and gas industry, and hence, you cannot compromise on its quality. Therefore, only a manufacturer prioritizes providing quality-based products that can offer the best of the service to its customers.

2. Reputation

The reputation of the manufacturer in the industry plays a key role. The reputation of the manufacturer will help you understand better if the company that you are investing in is safe or not.

3. Experience

As mentioned above, reputation is crucial, but it is the years of experience that help in building that reputation. Experienced manufacturers know what their customers want and can help in completing their requirements, better.


We hope this blog has helped you in narrowing down the potential manufacturer for you. Reputation, quality assurance, experience are some of the crucial criteria which you should take into consideration when choosing the right check valve manufacturer for you. 

However, if your search is not limited to the UAE make sure to check out SIO valves, and get the best of check valves through them. SIO valves can promise you good quality, and excellent customer service. You can also contact SIO valves.

List Of Best Check Valve Manufacturers in UAE

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