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Check valves are devices that enable liquids, gases, or steam to travel in only one way. The ‘stopping’ mechanism of a check valve might be formed like a ball, plate, piston, or flapper. Check valves are commonly found in everyday goods. They are small, basic, and inexpensive, despite the fact that they come in a wide range of sizes and prices.

In a nutshell, check valves are used to prevent backflow in pipes. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 check valve vendors in Singapore to make things easier for you.

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Chinese Company for Your Check Valve Needs

Are you flexible with the location of your supplier? Then SIO Valves is your foolproof option.

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

In China, SIO is the largest producer and marketer of industrial valves. With over a decade of expertise designing high-quality industrial valves, SIO is committed to ensuring the safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of robotics for any business. 

They are committed to supplying distributors, merchants, and project managers all over the world with top-class valves like pneumatic actuator valves and industrial equipment. 

Their ability to manufacture custom valves allows them to meet these most stringent requirements and specifications. They have both an API 6D and an ISO certificate.

They are certified with ISO API and 6D which speaks for their quality. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. They even deal in customized valves to meet the customer’s specifications. There is no minimum order limit and the company provides free samples too. They are known for their punctual delivery time. Check them out to get the best customer service you have ever experienced!

1. Realtec Pte Ltd

Realtec Pte Ltd Logo

Source: Realtec Pte Ltd

Type of Business: Petroleum & Water treatment

Location (Headquarters): Singapore

Year Founded: 2002

Products offered:

REALTEC Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based firm with experience supplying valves to a wide range of industries, including petroleum & energy (upstream offshore & downstream refineries), petrochemical, medicinal, water treatment & salinity plants, naval, and electricity production plants. With their well-equipped fabrication industry in Malaysia, they also provide systems engineering services to all loyal customers.

They possess ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard Certificates, SS506 Part 1: 2009 BS OHSAS 18001:2007, bizSAFE Level Star Certification, Building, and Construction Authority (BCA), and SY09 Grade L5 supply work heads.

2. Seng Hoe Hardware
& Engineering PTE LTD


Source: Seng Hoe Hardware & Engineering PTE LTD

Type of Business: Hardware & Engineering

Location (Headquarters): Singapore

Year Founded: 1981

Products offered:

They specialize in importing, exporting, storing, and selling a wide range of maritime industrial, technical, and hardware products. 

They have amassed a plethora of knowledge over the years and have established themselves as a well-established and trusted organization with commercial relationships throughout SE Asia, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Even now, they strive to consistently improve and enhance themselves in order to provide you with the greatest products and services possible.

3. Annaik Limited


Source: Annaik Limited

Type of Business: Stainless steel supplies

Location (Headquarters): Singapore

Year Founded: 1977

Products offered:

Other stainless steel pipeline items, such as pipes, manifolds, valves, and fittings, are distributed and sold by the company. 

The Company currently has over 10,000 distinct goods housed in its Singapore warehouse, allowing it to serve as a one-stop shop for consumers looking for stainless steel piping. They are certified to ISO 9001:2015.

MANUFACTURING DIVISION — Steel forging flanges and high-pressure steel forged fittings are manufactured here.

DISTRIBUTION DIVISION — Distribute stainless steel items used mostly in plumbing systems.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND ENGINEERING DIVISION — Provide water management services, as well as design and administer industrial wastewater treatment plants.

4. Eriks


Source: Eriks

Type of Business: Industrial Service provider

Location (Headquarters): North Holland

Year Founded: 1940

Products offered:

They’ve pushed boundaries and crossed borders, created, innovated, extended, explored, digitized, and welcomed numerous new competent individuals to their organization from all around the world.

With this mentality and the technical abilities they’d acquired over the years, they were able to assist a wide range of customers in all industries in improving their operations.

5. Hydraulic systems

Source: Hydraulic Systems

Type of Business: Hydraulic Solutions

Location (Headquarters): Singapore

Year Founded: 2000

Products offered:

Dynex pumps, Tobul Accumulators, Sc Hydraulic injector, miniBooster, Nova Swiss, Pressure Tech Regulator, Pacseal Hydraulic systems, GPM Gear Pump, Walvoil are all available through Hydraulic Systems.

Their products have a wide range of applications, including construction, mobile machines, forklifts, special vehicles, naval and offshore industries, and so on. All of your hydraulic needs can be met at one place.

Uses of Check Valves

Check valves are two-port valves, which means they have two origins in the body, one for entering fluid and the other for exiting fluid. Check valves come in a number of shapes and sizes, and they’re employed in a wide range of applications.



The versatile uses and application of check valves require a lot of research before settling for a company. Hope the above list of the best check valve Singapore manufacturers will reduce your work.

List of The Best Check Valve Suppliers in Singapore

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