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The Italian market is flooded with control valve manufacturing companies that offer innovative solutions to flow control systems. These companies implement their innovative ideas to improve the quality standards of their products. 

Finding the right Italian control valve manufacturer in a market flooded with similar companies is a tough task. After thorough research, we have listed some of the top control valve manufacturers that will help you find the ideal valves for your application.

Top Control Valve Manufacturer
in China

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

Year Established: 2009

Location: Zhejiang, China

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: API 6D and ISO certificates

SIO is a well-known manufacturer of control valves in China as well as worldwide. It has been supplying high-quality control valves with high-precision for 10 years now. It specializes in innovating products in accordance with the special requirements of its clients and delivers top-quality valves that exceed the expectations of its clients.

SIO is known for providing stable seal valves that remain in perfect condition even if they are not used for a very long time. 

The key control valve product manufactured by SIO Valve include:

1. Lapar Company

Lapar Company logo

Source: Lapar Company

Year Established: 1991

Location: Milan, Italy

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9000

Lapar is one of the leading manufacturers of control valves in Italy. It offers products of high quality and those that have a long service life. Its products are safe and can handle even the most aggressive of substances, which makes them ideal choices for industries like food & beverage, chemical, wastewater, and textile.,

Lapar takes up a lot of technological innovations to solve its users’ problems. Their patented technology allows them to offer products of consistent quality and to assist their clients in safely controlling their processes.

Some of the control valves manufactured by Lapar include:

2. Valvotubi


Source: Valvotubi

Year Established: 1976

Location: Ravenna, Italy

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2015, ARPA, and WRAS

Valvotubi is one of the top control valve manufacturing companies in Italy with more than 40 years of experience. It has a dedicated sales division that can speak in 5 foreign languages to help deal with customers from all around the world. Currently, it has its presence in 74 countries because of the high-quality products that it delivers and the excellent after-sales service that it offers.

This company is capable of finding and offering innovative solutions to cater to its customers’ needs. It has the expertise and experience to provide optimized and completely modern product ranges. It not only helps its customers save time on delivery but also tries to offer prices that save their money. 

The top control valve products manufactured by Valvotubi include:

3. Klinger Industrial Valves


Source: Klinger Industrial Valves

Year Established: 1886

Location: Milan, Italy

Industry: Manufacturing

Klinger is one of the top manufacturers of industrial valves since 1886 when it was formed.It offers unique know-how consultancy services to its clients to provide innovative solutions to flow control valves. It continuously improves its manufacturing process to meet the new demands of the industry. 

The key control valve products manufactured by Klinger include:

4. Dafram


Source: Burkert

Year Established: 1956

Location: Urbisaglia, Italy

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and many more

Dafram was established in 1956 with the purpose of manufacturing valves in Italy. Its experience in the valve manufacturing industry for more than 60 years has helped it position itself in the market as one of the most reliable and competitive companies. Its highly qualified engineers help meet the special requests made by the customer.

Dafram employs modern design methods to analyze the specifications of the valve bodies and valve components. Its infrastructural facility includes advanced machines for manufacturing and testing all its products and ensuring top quality. 

Some of the top control valves manufactured by Dafram include:

5. Italvalvole


Source: Italvalvole

Year Established: 1973

Location: Urbisaglia, Italy

Industry: Manufacturing

Italvalvole was one of the first Italian manufacturers to produce automatic industrial valves. Its valves find used in various sectors such as textile, food, packaging, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas. It manufactures safety valves in accordance with the PED standards. What makes Italvalvole stand out from its competitors is its rapid delivery service and quality guarantees on certain valves.

Some of the top control valves manufactured by Italvalvole include:

Things to Consider While
Selecting Control Valves


Control valves, much like all the other valves, are not manufactured equally. Some of them fall into the high-quality bracket with pricing worth paying for, while others hover close to the cheaper quality and are on the price-sensitive end of the scale. Here are some of the things that you should consider while choosing control valves:


Control valves are high in demand because of their usefulness in flow control systems. They help regulate the flow rate of the fluid flowing through the system. It is important to choose the right control valve manufacturer for your application for optimum results. The control valve manufacturers list given above will have you narrow down your search for control valve manufacturers in Italy. 

List of the Top Control Valve Manufacturers in Italy

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