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The industrial valve market has seen a sudden rise in demand with the control valve manufacturing sector at exponential growth. The demand for control valves has increased in recent years because of the upgrades in terms of process efficiency. This has led to the rise of control valve manufacturers in the USA.

With so many options out there, it is difficult to source out the best control valve manufacturer in your region. But, not to worry, because we have listed down the top control valve manufacturers in the USA with rich experience and reliable products.

Top Control Valve Manufacturer
in China

SIO Logo

Source: SIO Valves

Year Established: 2009

Location: Zhejiang, China

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: API 6D and ISO certificates

SIO is one of the well-known control valve manufacturing companies in China. It specializes in providing high-quality control valves that exceed its customers’ expectations in every way. It strives to provide innovative solutions in accordance with the special requests made by its clients and delivers them in a timely manner. 

The various hydraulic flow control valve types manufactured by SIO Valve include:

1. Circor Energy


Source: Circor

Location: Burlington, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Circor Energy International is a provider of flow control products for the Aerospace and Defense markets. It’s one of the best directional control valve manufacturers. This company has an excellent portfolio in the market because it is known for serving its customers’ most demanding requirements. It specializes in manufacturing ansi valve and cage-guided valves.

Circor has marketed itself in over 100 countries globally through sales partners all across the world. Circor’s primary objective is to improve its shareholders’ value through profitable growth using strategic acquisitions. Circor keeps revolutionizing its infrastructure to meet the demands of the market and the needs of its clients.

Some of the top control valve products manufactured by Circor include:

2. Cla-Val


Source: Cla-Val

Year Established: 1936

Location: Costa Mesa, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Cla-Val is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of control valves in the USA. It manufactures a wide variety of solutions for use in some of the most demanding industries and applications.

Some of the top control valve products manufactured by Cla-Val include:

3. Apollo Valves

Apollo Valves logo (2)

Source: Apollo Valves

Year Established: 1975

Location: North Carolina, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Apollo Valves is a part of the stock-listed company of Aalberts. Since its inception in 1975, it has been committed to makings its products better in terms of quality, price, and technology. Apollo Valves strives to create mission-critical technologies for several applications. It bases its infrastructural facilities on customer satisfaction to ensure that they get what they want with perfection. 

Apollo Valves is known for its SS flanged ball valves and flow control valves because of the seal-packed manufacturing. 

The top control valve products manufactured by Apollo Valves include:

4. Taylor Valve Technology


Source: Taylor Valve Technology

Year Established: 1958

Location: Oklahoma, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: API and ASME

Taylor Valve Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of high-pressure pneumatic valves. It offers a wide array of control valves for the oil & gas industry. All the Taylor Valve products are designed to meet the demands of the industry effectively. They are committed to providing API and ASME accredited valves in an economical and environmentally safe manner. 

Some of the key control valve products manufactured by Taylor Valve Technology include:

5. Emerson Electric Company


Source: Emerson Electric

Year Established: 1958

Location: St. Louis, USA

Industry: Automation

Emerson Electric is known for its capability to solve the biggest challenges of modern life regarding flow control systems, especially with electric actuator valves. Its global workforce is dedicated to fulfilling its clients’ requirements with healthier, safer, and smarter innovations. It strives to stay connected to its clients throughout the project to ensure that the products are customer-focused. 

The key control valve product manufactured by Emerson Electric include:

6. Valves Only


Source: Valves Only

Location: New York, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Valves Only is a part of the SVR Global Group which is one of the largest valve manufacturers in the USA and Canada. It is popularly known for manufacturing customized valves and exporting them globally within a limited time period. It has modeled its operations based on customer satisfaction on production as well as supply of the valves. 

Valves Only offer logistic solutions to the challenges involved in manufacturing valves. Their experienced team of engineers provides technical support to ensure the best quality. It also enables them to provide single-piece orders as well as bulk orders to their clients.

Some of the top control valve products manufactured by Valves Only include:


There are different types of control valves for every application, which is why it is important to choose the right control valve for your application. For that purpose, you need a well-known and reputable control valve manufacturer that can tend to your innovative needs. All the above-mentioned companies will without any doubt help you manufacture the perfect valve for your application and you can reach out to them anytime you want.

List of the Top Control Valve Manufacturers in the USA

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