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Top 5 Industrial Valve Suppliers in Australia

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Australia manufacturers have some of the most advanced and safe industrial valves in the world. Just like valve manufacturers in Mumbai, they ensure their valves are made of the highest quality materials and have passed all the universally accepted certifications and standards. Most of the valve suppliers in Australia supply valves to nearby areas as well including New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Some of the top industrial valve manufacturers in Australia combine strong technical acumen with local industry knowledge to create valves that meet the specific needs of their customers. The top 5 industrial valve suppliers in Australia on our list. Read on to find out more about the best industrial valve suppliers in Australia.

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Top Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Australia

Butterfly ball valves are quarter-turn valves that provide a positive shut-off and can be used in many different industries. These valves get their name as their structure looks like the wings of a butterfly whereby the stem passes through the center of the disc that rotates to become parallel or perpendicular to the fluid flow. Butterfly valves come in single, double, and triple-offset valve design and can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, or ductile iron. 

Butterfly valves are relatively cheaper than other kinds of shut-off valves and triple offset butterfly valves can be used in high pressure, high-temperature applications.

butterfly valve

Australian Pipeline Valve

Australian Pipeline Valve logo

APV is one of Australia’s leading industrial valve manufacturer. The company has been in business since 1989 and has serviced industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, general industrial applications, power generation, and more. Their philosophy is to produce high-quality valves that are customized to their customers’ needs, resilient, long-lasting, and efficient. APV butterfly valves are produced under the brand ‘Superseal’. They feature high-performance lined double and triple offset butterfly valves.

All APV butterfly valves are ANSI/ASME, API, MSS, ISO, BS, and AS certified. The company also performs many tests on their valves to ensure their quality including API 6D, API 598, ISO 5208, API 6A, ASME B16.34, EN 12266-1, BS 6755, MSS as well as high-pressure hydraulic shell test, high pressure hydraulic back seat test, high-pressure hydraulic seat test, low-pressure pneumatic seat test and functional test. All APV butterfly valves have a fire-safe design and are available in water, lugged, flanged-type connections. The bi-directional valves have zero leakage service, low emission design, low operating cost, quarter-turn construction, and lower cost.

Top Gate Valve Manufacturer in Australia

Gate valves are shut-off valves that work to restrict the flow of fluid through any system. The valve features a disc shaped like a gate that opens and closes to help start and stop the flow of fluid. Gate valves have a simple construction and are used with larger pipe diameters. Gate valves can have a rising or non-rising stem and can be customized to handle high-pressure applications.

Gate valves are usually made of cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, cast carbon steel, gunmetal, alloy steels, and forged steels.

Gate Valve

John Valves

john-valves-adelaide logo

John Valves have been a prominent Australian industrial valve supplier since 1896. Since then the company has expanded its operations to New Zealand and the South Pacific. They pride themselves in housing state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled manufacturing and engineering personnel that help manufacture and refurbish high-quality industrial valves. John Valves gate valves are widely used in water and wastewater management, mining, food and beverage, process industries, and more.

John Valves provides a wide selection of gate valves in addition to providing engineering support, specialist design service, and specialist advice. All valves are ISO 9001 certified and have passed all universally accepted tests and certifications. John Valves manufactures:

• Cast steel gate valve
• Cast iron gate valve
• Bronze gate valve

• Forged steel gate valve
• SG iron gate valve
• Flanged gate valve

• Rising spindle gate valve
• Threaded gate valve

• Rolled groove end gate valve
• Non-rising spindle gate valve

Top Solenoid Valve Manufacturer in Australia

Solenoid valves are electromechanically operated valves that are mostly used for fluid control in hydraulic systems. These valves usually have more than one port to regulate the flow of fluid in multiple directions. Solenoid valves have a compact design and multiple valves can be placed together on a manifold. They are easy to open and shut and offer high reliability and longevity. 

Solenoid valves manufacturers commonly use brass, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic for the valves’ materials. The valve body must be compatible with the fluid it is being used to regulate.

Solenoid valve

Process Systems

Process Systems logo

Process Systems has been manufacturing and distributing process valves in Australia and the Pacific region since 1989. Their valves have been used in industries like mining, water treatment, plumbing, power, irrigation, government, and more. All their valves are ISO 9001 approved and come with a product warranty of 1 year. They house a wide range of solenoid valves including high pressure, direct-acting, high temperature, differential, and explosion-proof solenoid valves.

Process Systems solenoid valves are available in two-way to five-way configurations and a number of different materials including brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. The valves can be used in water, steam, high pressure, vacuum, and chemical industries. In addition to full manufacturer’s warranty, the company also offers same-day order dispatch and free shipping across Australia.

Top Ball Valve Manufacturer in Australia

Ball valves are the most common kind of quarter-turn valves used in industrial systems and factories. These valves feature a ball-shaped disc that has a hole in the center, the ball rotates to start and stop the flow of fluid in any pipeline. Ball valves come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations. They are easily modifiable, for example, a trunnion mounted ball valve can be customized to have double block and bleed capabilities.

flange ball valve

Parker Hannifin

parker hannifin

Parker Hannifin has been a leader in the Australian and New Zealand motion and control market since 1963. The company manufactures a series of products including Fluid Connectors, Pneumatics, Refrigeration, Automation, Filtration, Hydraulics, Instrumentation, and Sealing & Shielding. With over 8 locations around Australia and New Zealand, the company’s 300 skilled employees are always hard at work to manufacture quality products. The company manufactures a variety of ball valves that are perfect for any industry.

Parker Hannifin ball valves range from high-pressure 2, 3, 4-way valves to low-pressure manual valves. Ball valves are made of brass, steel, polypropylene, PTFE, and other materials. They also house lightweight polymer mini ball valves that can be easily installed in any pneumatic circuit. In addition, Parker Hannifin’s distribution system is one of the best in the region with over 50 distribution centers across Australia and New Zealand.

Top Stainless Steel Ball Valve Manufacturer in Australia

Stainless steel ball valves are extremely versatile as they can be used in many different kinds of industrial applications. Stainless steel is not only robust and longlasting, but it also gives a sleek finish to the valve and is rust-resistant. These ball valves can be easily modified for high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. The material is also safe to use with sensitive fluids.

Cast steel check valve


prochem logo

Prochem manufactures world-class pipeline products that are distributed across Australia, Thailand, and Singapore. The company specializes in making stainless steel ball valves that are corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. They feature 1, 2, and 3-piece BSB and NPT stainless steel ball valves. They also make specialized ball valves with customized actuators. Prochem promises quality products available in 9 stocking branches across Australia, Thailand, and Singapore.

Prochem stainless steel flanged ball valves are extremely versatile and can be used in any piping system. With a number of sizes and configurations, these ball valves can manage a lot of different applications without breaking a sweat.


There is an array of industrial valve manufacturers in Australia that can supply you the right valves. They provide high-quality and reliable valves made from branded materials. You can be confident that they can offer you different types made specifically to meet your needs and applications. Are there other valve manufacturers in Australia that you think should be in this list? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please share them in the comments section below!

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