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Ball valve manufacturing is a lucrative industry that serves a couple of other sectors. Ball valves are applicable in directing the flow of liquid or gas in various settings. Manufacturing of ball valves is in many countries; in Italy, it has gained popularity over the years. Many companies are investing, and for entrepreneurs interested in working with such companies, it might become hard to decide which industrial valve manufacturer to partner with; in this post, we look at the best five ball valve manufacturers in Italy.


SIO Logo

As one of the country’s most renowned ball valve manufacturers, SIO has experience in ball valves, specifically automatic and API6D ball valves. The company began its operations 12 years ago in Zhejiang, China, and has grown to become among the leading suppliers both locally and internationally of industrial valves. Apart from air operated ball valve, they now produce other industrial valves like butterfly valves, globe, control, gate, and check.

They distribute to several industries such as gas & oil, petrochemical, and mining. The 71 employees at SIO are highly qualified; hence every activity in the company is above standard, similar to the products. They have a mission of ‘building a bright future’ via environmental conservation through low emissions and adaptation mechanisms to ensure a safe and clean environment.

GWC Italia

GWC Italia Logo


GWC Italia was first established in Bakersfield, USA, and was known as GWC International high pressure ball valves manufacturers. They changed their management and relocated to Trezzo sull’Adda, Italy, in 2015 as GWC Italia and became one of the leaders in ball valve manufacturing. Their vision is to become the ‘world’s most trusted ball valve provider,’ and they achieve this by adhering to their company’s core values like integrity and professionalism.

The services offered at GWC Italia include project management, R&D, inventory, and after-sale services for all their customers to promote loyalty and customer satisfaction. The testing of valves at GWC is according to international standards(ISO, ASME, and API). Their inspection capabilities include ultrasonic, positive material identification, liquid penetrant, and magnetic particle examination. The main products at GWC Italia are ball valves of different types like the floating ball valve, trunnion ball valve, carbon steel ball valve, etc.

Perar SPA



Started over fifty years ago, Perar SPA is a manufacturing company located in Rescaldina, Milano, specializing in industrial valves, majorly the ball valve. Two hundred fifteen employees work around the clock to produce one of the renowned ball valves in Italy. They offer customization services to their clients in all their assigned projects making each product unique and reliable. 

The services available at Perar SPA are production, assembling, testing, finishing, marine, and after-sale support. They serve the market with the following products; a compact ball valve, metal seat ball valve, floating ball valve, subsea valves, top entry body, cryogenic ball valve, split body side entry, subsea actuators, three-way ball valve, and welded body side entry. These valves are applicable in several sectors: onshore, offshore, heavy chemical, oil & gas, and petrochemical.


Dafram Logo


Dafram is one of the most popular companies in Italy, established in 1956 in Urbisaglia, Macerata. It is known for its high-quality products and has become very competitive around the globe. Being the first company to produce floating ball valves in Italy, Dafram has expanded and grown to become a leader among other ball valve manufacturers. Additionally, they have penetrated other markets like China and built a facility in Beijing to serve their customers better.

The main facility is Urbisaglia, a 32,000 square meter factory with 12,000 of this as workshop space. The factory houses engineering, commercial, and technical offices that facilitate operations like painting, testing, assembling, production, and sandblasting. They believe in continuous improvements of processes hence have a team of experts to promote this by applying the most advanced techniques in their manufacturing.


Metalalve Logo


Metalvalves is an Italian manufacturing company that specializes in industrial valves. It was founded twenty-five years ago in Corbetta, Millan. Some of the products produced in Metalvalves are control valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, and gate valve. The experts at Metalvalve have vast experience in the oil and gas sector, giving them an advantage over other companies in this field.

The industries supplied are water treatment, oil & gas, mining, energy, distribution, LNG, Chemical, and petrochemical industries. In their operations, the use of variety in designs and productions aid them in achieving world-class exhibitions, making them among the leaders in Italy. The quality assurance team at Metalvalve ensures every step in the manufacturing process is standard to satisfy international requirements.


As a leading ball valve manufacturer, the SIO company guarantees all our clients the best quality services and products accessible to you. Our quality assurance team is always looking to expand our scope and make our manufacturing processes even more remarkable for the customers. Contact us to get more information on industrial valves, and we will answer any questions about our prestigious company.

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