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Valves are tools used in pipes to stop, start, or alter the flow or pressure of liquids/gasses. They are applicable in industries that use piping systems. Ball valves are the most used valves since they are easy to use and are very long-lasting. Ball valves have categories according to design, actuation, material, bore size, number of ports, etc. A couple of industrial valve manufacturers in the UAE are leading the pack; they are as follows.


SIO Logo

As a leading Chinese ball valve manufacturer, SIO has highly qualified personnel that handles every operation in the company. They began their enterprise in 2009 in Zhejiang, China, and have become known around the world. According to their portfolio and previous clients served, SIO products are of a high standard, and other companies can benchmark them. They tackle the most complex projects that others deemed impossible.

SIO’s specialty is in ball valves, specifically API6D and automatic ball valves. Besides ball valves, they also manufacture other industrial valves, e.g., control valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, and globe valves. The industries that benefit from these products are chemical, oil & gas, and petrochemical. Many consumers go for SIO products because they have a high lifespan, no external leakages, fast working speeds, and noise control.

Emirates Valves LLC

Emirates Valves Logo


Emirates Valves LLC began in 2015 in Dubai, UAE, as a manufacturing and supply company. They are involved with industrial valves, e.g., ball valves, globe valves, gate valves, control valves, check valves, etc. Emirates Valves LLC launched its facility in Dubai Investment Park Phase II as part of its strategic plan since it is accessible from DXB Airport, Jebel-Ali port, and DWC Airport. The location makes delivery of products faster.

The company’s facility has 2,400 square meters that houses; testing, assembly, repair, and refurbishing workshops. They have an additional 4,000 square feet of land for future expansions. The workforce at Emirates Valve LLC is highly skilled and has vast experience in managing and ball valve manufacturing for the ever-changing market. They aim to become the most preferred company in the Middle East through their products and services.

Apollo Industrial Products LLC

Apollo LLC Logo


Apollo Industrial Products LLC is a company situated in Ajman, in the United Arab Emirates, and has experience in the engineering field. They deal with a variety of products that have gained popularity in the market due to their standards. They supply industries like refineries, mining, nuclear plants, marine, water supply and treatment, irrigation, chemical, etc. Their services are the whole package and designed to satisfy their customers beyond their projection.

Apollo LLC deals with several products, among them industrial valves. They manufacture many valves, such as butterfly, gate valves, ball, globe, control, knife gate, non-return, solenoid, and air release valves. In terms of services at Apollo LLC, areas of specialization are industrial equipment and maintenance system, engineering application and consultancy, support services, steel structures, and industrial automation. Experts handle all operations who ensure that quality is a priority in every stage of manufacturing.

Al-Hakim Flow Control LLC

Al-Hakim LLC Logo


Located in Dubai, Al-Hakim Flow Control LLC is among the top valve distributors in the UAE. They deal with industrial valves, instrumental valves, and other products. The industrial valves include gate, check, globe, plug, butterfly, and ball valve. They supply across the Middle East and some parts of Africa to refineries, fertilizer, process, water treatment plants, shipbuilding, oil & gas, power, and petrochemical industries.

They own two facilities, 2,000 square feet total, located in a very convenient area close to the Dubai International Airport, making delivery easy. Their factory offers packaging(customized), color coding, material identification, valve testing, machining, outsourced services, etc. Al-Hakim is ISO certified due to its capabilities like machining and automation.




AVK Saudi Valves Manufacturing Co. Ltd started in 1985 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is a manufacturing company that is concerned with industrial valves. This company is one of the hundred companies of the AVK Group. Apart from their primary facility, they own other express service offices in Dammam, Buraidah, and Riyadh. They have employed over 110 employees in their Saudi Arabia workshop but have over 3800 employees across all the AVK Group companies. 

They produce products applicable for reservoirs, chemical processing, dams, HVAC, water treatment, marine, fire protection, gas, and sewage treatment. They make valves of various kinds, fire hydrants, fittings with international standards specifications to promote their customer base and brand. AVK SMVC enjoys verification from significant clients in Saudi Arabia like Marfiq, SABIC, SWCC, Royal Commission, Saudi Aramco, Ma’aden, etc.


Choosing a suitable ball valve manufacturing company to work with is not a walk in the park. You need to consider many aspects from their product quality, services, and expertise they possess. These are vital elements when selecting the appropriate company to supply your products. In SIO company, we have the best of everything that suits any client that walks through our doors. Visit our website or contact us for more information about ball valve manufacturing. 

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